Practical Guide to Starting Baby on Solids

You can be sure that starting the baby on solids will be a bumpy road, so you might need a guide to starting baby on solids.

Most probably that one day the baby will scrunch his or her face at the sight of any solid food. On the second day you might be able to feed the baby without any problems and then you will start over again.

Guide to Starting Baby on Solids


According to official information, you should start the baby on solids between months 4 and 6. You will know the time is right when the baby will be able to sit up and to hold his or her head up. Also the baby is supposed to be curious and to start looking around. It is important for the baby to have mastered the movements of the tongue.

Breast milk and formula

When looking at the guide to feeding the baby with solid foods, you should know that you can’t just stop giving the baby formula or breast milk because he or she is comforted by it. Give some milk to the little one in the morning, after the feedings and before bedtime.

Feeding schedule

The guide to starting baby on solids also says that the baby should have a feeding schedule. Once the little one finds out what eating is all about, he or she will be curious about it. He or she should have food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Between the main meals there could be 2-3 snacks.

Mealtime routine

In case you are interested about the feeding the baby with solids guide you should know that there should be a routine of feeding the baby. Start with washing the hands, then soothe the baby and then put him or her down to eat. Turn off the radio or the TV so that the baby will be able to focus.

What to eat?

The parents looking at the guide to starting baby on solids should think about single-grain cereals. These are good because they come with iron. Also think about pureed fruits, vegetables and meats. Chopped, mashes and ground foods also work for the baby.

What to avoid?

The guide to feeding solid foods to your baby includes foods that you should avoid too, like honey, citrus, popcorn, nuts and raisins.

There is a lot to know about the guide to starting baby on solids.


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