The Top Dos and Don’ts of Sippy Cup

A sippy cup is basically a training cup through which your baby can drink without spilling. There are many types and sizes of these cups and you can choose one on the basis of your requirement. For example, there are sippy cups with handles and there are sippy cups without them.

These cups act as a great transition method for your baby to switch between nursing and feeding through regular cups. They help to improve the hand mouth coordination among babies. But there are many dos and don’ts of sippy cups that you must know about and below given is the details of the same.

Dos and Don’ts of Sippy Cup

Dos of Sippy Cups

  • Choose a cup which has an easy grip on it and has a lid on top of it which does not come off easily. To ensure good grip of your baby, avoid choosing one which is very wide but rather look for a lean one.
  • The first sippy cup you buy must have a soft spout on it so that it is not too hard on the gums of your baby.
  • Look for a sippy cup which is appropriate as far as the baby’s age is concerned. Most cups are labeled with the age bracket for which it is suitable and you must always read it carefully.
  • Introduce water as the first liquid in the sippy cup for the baby so that he can start using it easily and without any difficulty.

Don’ts of a Sippy Cup

  • You must never let your baby go to sleep with a sippy cup in his mouth or hands. Continuous or regular usage of the cups can prove to be bad for the baby’s teeth and have the same effect as bottles. Make sure that the baby gets the cup in intervals and never for very long stretches.
  • Don’t forget to measure the amount of liquid that the cup has. Most cups have the measurement marks given on the side and you must always refer to them while filling liquids in.
  • Don’t buy a sippy cup without knowing the material of the topmost sipper part. Avoid buying latex if your child suffers from latex allergy.
  • It is important not to buy a sippy cup of a low quality or an unknown brand. Make sure you always buy it from a trusted source and a reputed brand.


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