What Causes Depression After Weaning Breastfeeding?

Sometimes women have to be thinking about depression after weaning breastfeeding.

In many cases women notice that they don’t enjoy the things that they used to anymore after they stop breastfeeding. It is also possible to find it difficult to concentrate and to stay motivated.

Information about depression after weaning from breastfeeding

Depression-After-Weaning-BreastfeedingIt is important to know that about 9.8%-21.3% of all women experience some signs of depression after they give birth. Nonetheless there is only little information available regarding weaning and depression. There is need for further research for the specialists to fully understand the connections.

The specialists

When it comes to weaning and breastfeeding depression the specialists say the connection between lactation and women’s mood is important but it is still understudied. It is a fact that there are women whose moods change as a result of lactation.


In case you are interested in depression after weaning breastfeeding you should know that there are a lot of women who experience some form of depression because they are unable to lactate. Although it is recommended to breastfeed the babies for at least 6 months, only 13% of new mothers do so.

The women can be faced with depression caused by breastfeeding and weaning if they are forced to wean. This might be because of low milk production or because they have to work. They have different experiences than the women who have the possibility to decide when to stopbreastfeeding.

It is interesting to know regarding depression after weaning breastfeeding that weaning and depression have similar mechanisms. They are both caused by the physiological changes that go on inside the body. It is known that during breastfeeding the body of the mother produces oxytocin, which is also known as the ‘happiness hormone’.


If there is no hormone of this kind, weaning and depression could appear. In the same time in case of weaning, women might experience a feeling of loss and grief. At the moment the specialists can’t measure the oxytocin levels during breastfeeding. It is possible that the lack of the hormone makes women feel bad.

Although the majority of people don’t think about depression after weaning breastfeeding, this is a possibility. If you happen to be in this situation, you can be sure that you aren’t the only one and there are some people who can help you get better and enjoy parenthood.
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