Can Vitamin Supplements Cause Vitamin Dependency?

There is one view that a newborn baby’s vitamin supplement should be stopped after 3 months of age, since this could be responsible for vitamin dependency. However, can supplements really cause vitamin dependency?

vitamin dependencyVitamins are vital for a number of reasons and children with vitamin deficiencies and certain diseases require supplements regularly since their bodies are unable to metabolize or absorb the nutrients naturally.

If a child eats a balanced diet the supplements are not necessary, however during the first year or two of life, iron and Vitamin D are probably required.

So iron as well vitamin D supplements in the early years are something that should be discussed with a pediatrician based on whether the baby is formula fed or breast fed.

As babies begin solids, getting used to different tastes and textures may be difficult and so it could be necessary to get supplements to supply all their nutritional requirements in the first year or two.

There is as yet no evidence that supplement dependence could in fact become a problem or that there is any grounds to discontinue vitamin supplements for that reason.


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