Breastfeeding Tips to Help Your Baby Learn

Breastfeeding should be an exciting time for new moms. This is a time that you get to help your baby develop and grow. It is not for every mom and unfortunately, there are problems with it – either painful breasts or the baby struggling to find the nipple to start feeding.

Here are some breastfeeding tips to aid with this time of your baby’s life.

Breastfeeding Tips

The Best Breastfeeding Tips Involve Patience

Your baby will not start feeding right away. It takes a lot of patience and practice to get the method just right.

Most moms will tell you that this is not something that you will pick up on your own and the best option that you have is to attend any classes that are put on offer at the hospital where you gave birth.

These are valuable and will help with all the problems that you may experience during this time.

Avoid the clock watching while your baby is feeding. Just go with some basic instincts. If your baby is still hungry then there is nothing wrong with continuing to feed him or her. Your baby is growing and will need all the nutrients that he or she can get. Your baby will tell you when no more food is needed.

Avoid the Pain

One of the best breastfeeding tips that you will hear is about how to avoid the pain. If your baby does not manage to latch onto the nipple correctly, it will hurt. Instead, take a few minutes to ensure that your baby’s mouth is covering the underside of your nipple as well as the top part. You will be amazed at the difference.

To avoid the bleeding or cracking that can be experienced with breastfeeding, start using some lanolin ointment. This is not harmful to the baby in anyway and will really sooth your skin. This is something that is recommended by midwives and doctors, so you know it is safe.

Just Relax

This probably sounds like one of the hardest breastfeeding tips to do but is useful. The best thing that you can do is relax. If you are stressed and agitated, your baby will sense it and start to get fussy. He or she will not want to eat and you will just get more worked up. Take a deep breath and clear your mind. Your baby is learning just as much as you but you need to help guide.

Do Not Give Up

If you really want to breastfeed, never give up. Babies will struggle to find the nipple and may struggle to suck from it – nipples are much smaller than bottle nibs. The thing to do is be persistent and help as much as you can. There are devices available that will help your baby learn and eventually he or she will get it.

Breastfeeding takes time to learn but with some help, you and your baby will be pros. Just follow the tips above and you will be home sailing. There are many others from moms who suffered the exact same problems that you are now and there are chances that your own mom will be able to share some advice.


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