Breast Milk Passes Drugs To Newborn Baby, Warn Researchers

It is of course recommended that pregnant women completely avoid smoking, drug use and if possible all alcohol during pregnancy; however it is advisable also that breastfeeding mothers avoid all drug abuse while feeding their baby.

breastfeedingThere is a lot that passes on to a baby by way of breast milk from the mother, such as food tastes etc., and harmful drugs also pass on to the baby in the same way.

The researchers of the study conducted by the Paediatrics Department at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona advised that women should also refrain from alcohol consumption, smoking and coffee drinking when breastfeeding, since the substances contained in this may also pass on to the baby.

Colas, tea and medications should also be used only in moderation; particularly medications, which should be used under medical supervision.

The nicotine that smoking mothers pass on to their babies by way of breast milk can cause the baby to contact more respiratory infections and even suffer more colic.

Marijuana, cocaine intake by the mother could cause the baby to be weak, lethargic and not feed properly.

Alcohol passed on in breast milk can impair the baby’s motor development, alter sleep patterns, decrease appetite and increase hypoglycemia risk.


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