“Breast Is Best” Slogan Is Outdated, Campaigners Say

We have all heard the slogan “Breast is Best” which is the one promoted by governments to encourage women to breast feed their babies, and for the many benefits that breast feeding brings for baby as well as mother.

Now however it is being argued that the slogan “Breast is Best” may be counterproductive according to this article because there is an implied understanding in this that breast may be the best but that it is not the norm.

The inference that can be and is often drawn from the slogan is that formula or bottle feeding your child is the norm and that breast feeding is somehow special and not the norm.

Breast feeding is actually the biological norm however this slogan implies that it is somehow special rather than the standard way to feed babies. It implies that bottle feeding is the norm.

So breast feeding needs to be “knocked off its pedestal” according to Lesley Backhouse, chair of The Breastfeeding Network.

The idea that breastfeeding is free and easy should be the idea to get across and attempts to normalize it and create the right conditions for women to breastfeed in comfort should be made according to the campaigners.


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