Bottle Feeding Baby – Is It Advisable?

In today’s ever changing world, bottle feeding baby approach is the choice of many mothers, who are involved in sort of work related to career.

bottle feeding babyThere are a number of other reasons such as health related issues, and social issues that hinder them from feeding them properly. This is in par with their ability to breastfeed along with their other responsibilities not related to their babies.

In fact, because of their evident involvement in other issues there are quite a number of them that move from breastfeeding to the bottle feeding baby approach.

From the beginning, there have been scientific studies that prove that breastfeeding is supposed to be the ideal approach to feeding babies. Today, due to technological and medical advances, the bottle feeding baby approach is accepted worldwide as it can also give the same satisfaction and benefits as breastfeeding.

For mothers who are curious about the bottle feeding baby approach, there are quite a number of truths that have to be realized. Here are the truths about bottle feeding baby way:

  • Impressive nutritional benefits. As mentioned earlier, mothers who follow the bottle feeding baby approach benefit from modern day advantages on the nutrition milk has to offer today. Bottled milk is rich in Vitamin D, which is supposed to be very important for babies to have and take as well.
  • The bottle feeding baby approach can be administered by anyone. This means that when feeding the baby their much needed milk, it does not necessarily need to be the mother who does it. Considering that this is very different from breastfeeding, it allows for a more flexing way to feed the baby.
  • The bottle feeding baby approach helps mothers monitor the intake of milk. Mothers can now be assured that they do not over feed their baby which can definitely lead to different complications to the baby. It helps in general ways such as controlling the weight gain of the baby. Sometimes too much milk could also be bad for babies.
  • Bottle feeding can be done anywhere. This may be very convenient to the mother especially if the baby has to be fed in public places whereas breastfeeding may prove to be difficult.
  • Bottle feeding is convenient for mothers taking much needed medication and other substances. Unlike those who breastfeed, mothers do not need to watch out for what they eat or drink that can tamper with the nutrients given through breast milk. Bottle feeding allows for a more flexible diet for mothers.

Mothers who are interested in knowing more about the bottle feeding baby approach can inquire from their local pediatrician. It is still important to consult with them and get a go signal for it. You may also check the internet for proper inquiries and answers to bottle feeding.


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