What Is the Best Formula for Breastfed Babies?

There are plenty of reasons why mothers choose to supplement breastfeeding with formula. Whatever be your personal reason for doing this, you are among many mothers who want to know what the best formula for breastfed babies is, so that the baby gets complete nutrition. It is safe to supplement with a bottle and since you continue to breastfeed, you can be sure that your baby is getting benefits of breast milk as well.

Best Formula for Breastfed BabiesKnow more about best formula for breastfed babies

Many women, having resumed work, may find that it is either impossible or impractical to continue with exclusive breastfeeding of their baby. Pumping may not be an option, but you don’t want to give up nursing your baby either. In this case, the mother can continue to breastfeed several times a day, but may have to supplement with formula as well.

It could also be that as a mother you are not sure whether you’re producing enough milk to satisfy your child. So you may be looking to supplement your feed with formula to make sure that your baby is getting enough nourishment.

However keep in mind the fact that babies can take time to learn how to breastfeed and establishing breastfeeding may take time for the mother as well.

If you are not sure, whether or not your baby needs supplementing, consult with a lactation consultant.

Many women choose to supplement with the bottle simply for the convenience of it. When traveling or for other outings it may not always be convenient to breastfeed and many women may simply be uncomfortable about doing so in public and so may want to know what the best formula for breastfed babies is.

Another advantage of supplementing with formula is that any caregiver or other family member can give your baby a bottle; only you can breastfeed. This can give you a bit of a break as well.

Remember you shouldn’t feel guilty if you choose to supplement for whatever reason. Some breast milk is better than none so your baby is continuing to get a lot of benefit even from just one or two feeds a day from the breast.

What is the best formula for breastfed babies?

When it comes to choosing formula, it could be that you need to pick after some trial and error at first. Some babies digest goat milk formula better while others may do better with cow’s milk. Some babies get a lot of gas with certain brands of formula so you may have to try out another.

Expect certain changes after introducing a bottle supplement. Your baby may have shorter feeding sessions because the bottle delivers milk faster than the breast. Baby may also remain satisfied for longer after a bottle. There will be significant changes in the type, color and consistency of the stool as well.

To pick the best formula for breastfed babies, consult with your pediatrician who will guide you about your choices. In particular, he or she will tell you if you need to get a particular type of fortified formula for the needs of baby.


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