Are You A New Mother To Infant Feeding? Here Are Certain Steps To Feed The Infants!

Infant FeedingIn infant feeding, the milk is fed by breast feeding.

For the first six months of life, the breast milk is the best food.

The babies who are breast fed will be healthier through out their lives.

The first milk produced by the breast is known as colostrums that are rich in antibodies and other substances that protects from illness and infections.

Breast feeding in infants:

If you eat well more milk will be produced. When the baby is fed, the body produces more milk to replace it. If your baby is fed with other fluids, then the milk remains in the breast and no more milk is produced.

Infant feeding in the initial days should be breast milk. If the infant has jaundice, he will be recovered quickly with breast feeding.

Breast feeding prevents illnesses like diarrhea, chest infection and ear infection. Mother is also benefitted by infant feeding through breast. Osteoporosis, ovarian cancer and breast cancer are much less among the women who breast fed their babies.

Positions in breast feeding: When you are a new mother the following things should be observed carefully:

  • Sit down comfortably
  • Tuck the baby close to you, with his head on your forearm
  • Mouth should be opened wide to reach the breast
  • The movement of the face and jaw should be observed.

There are some other positions for infant feeding. They are:

Under arm position: Place the baby on cushions such that the legs are pointing behind you. Hold the baby with your right hand that you cradle his head when he feeds from your right breast.

Traditional position: Place the baby on the pillows and support his head with forearm. Help him by cupping his head in your hand.

Lying down: When you lie on a bed, keep your head on the pillow and place the baby close to you. The support will be given by the bed to him. Bring him to your breast with your free hand.

Bottle feeding in infants:

Bottle feeding to your breast feeding infants is a conscious step taken by the mother, when they has to return to their routine work. If bottle feeding is introduced earlier then the babies may give up breast feeding.

Bottle feeding involves the formula milk (dried cow’s milk). This is modified to suit the baby’s digestive abilities. Many doctors’ recommend a soya based formulation. Formula milk should be prepared exactly according to the instructions provided.

Most of the working women continue breast feeding after they return home from work, as it bounds them to their babies after their brief absence.

Sterilization of the bottles: The baby bottles should be washed before and after the use. Detergents or diluted solutions are used to clean them. To clean the bottom, use a long brush. Rinse all the water and sterilize.

Some of the modern methods are microwave sterilizing, electric sterilizing and steam sterilizing. But the traditional methods like boiling and cold water sterilizing should be used.

Breast feeding problems and solutions to them:

  • When you or the baby take antibiotics, white marks on the nipple appear, this is known as thrush. This is cured by taking oral medication or by using anti-fungal cream.
  • Inflammation of the breast along with flu, aches, temperature, sore breast that is full results in mastitis. By using cold and warm compress this swelling is reduced. Consult a doctor in case it doesn’t work.

Hence, it is better to breast fed than bottle fed in infant feeding which is healthier through out their lives.


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