An Argument In Favor Of On Demand Feeding

We have spoken before about the reasons why it’s a good idea to feed baby on demand, and here are some more reasons why scheduled feeding isn’t as much of a good idea as on demand feeding.

Quite simply put, you really don’t know what your little new born baby’s needs are and it would be rather presumptuous to think that you know what the baby wants and how much of it.

Have you noticed that during the first couple of months, baby seems to sleep pretty much when he wants and that nothing you say or do seems to alter that fact?

You can try to put him down to a nap but he won’t comply unless he is good and ready; you can try to wake him but he will decline to oblige. It’s the same with feeding. The baby has his own biorhythms to follow; let him!

Secondly it is just a lot more convenient to demand feed rather than trying to structure a schedule and get baby to follow it. The baby is happy that he gets fed when he wants and mommy is happy she knows baby is getting what he needs.

Thirdly it is less wasteful. You try to feed baby when you think you should, but baby is not interested so you end up wasting a lot of time (if you’re breast feeding) and perhaps a bottle of formula as well (if you’re bottle feeding.


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