Advice For The Breastfeeding Mom

breastfeeding momBreastfeeding is the best way for your baby to get the important nutrition necessary for growth and development. [Baby development]

Many moms choose to bottle feed their babies but many more do it the old fashioned way, breastfeeding.

Though breastfeeding is the natural way to feed baby, you may need some pointers to get you started so that you and baby are bonding and comfortable.

What feeding method is best for your baby?

Lots of moms are under the impression that it is perfectly acceptable to bottle feed with formula. Though babies can thrive and grow using this feeding method, nothing can beat breast milk for the ultimate in nutrition.

When you breast feed your baby you are giving her vital nutrients needed in order for her to grow and thrive.

Most babies that are breast fed are not colicky and almost never have digestion problems or diarrhea. Breast fed babies are at less of a risk for illness and or hospitalization as mother’s milk contains specific proteins that target baby’s immune system and will promote the development of the brain.

It is said that those babies that are breast fed have less ear infections and respiratory ailments than babies that are fed formula.

When a baby is bottle fed formula they have a greater instance of malocclusion, tooth decay and facial muscles that can become distorted from sucking on a bottle.

It is also thought that babies fed on formula are more likely to become obese which may follow them for the rest of their lives.

The Bonding Advantage

It cannot be stressed enough the bonding benefits associated with breast feeding. When a mother breastfeeds her baby the closeness between the two that ensues is just as important as the baby nutritional aspects.

The emotional connection between mother and child becomes even stronger when mommy decides to breastfeed her baby. It is said that babies that are bottle fed don’t get as much rocking, stroking or caresses as the baby who is breastfed.

When to Begin Breast Feeding

It has been reported that when deciding upon breastfeeding your baby, nursing should begin within the first two hours of the baby’s birth.

If nursing is delayed the baby may be more reluctant to take to the breast if you wait beyond those first crucial two hours.

Most babies immediately following their birth are eager and ready to suckle at the breast.

Don’t become discouraged if your baby shows some reluctance. Keep at it until both you and baby are comfortable because the results are well worth your time and effort.


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