5 Useful Facts On Breastfeeding For Twins Or Multiples!

breastfeeding for twinsIf you are a new mother, who recently delivered twins or multiples, then the first and major concern with you is how to breastfeed.

Here are the facts which greatly help you to understand and make a decision about breastfeeding the twins or multiples.

You will get a doubt that, can one mother produce milk for more than one baby. Here are the facts regarding breastfeeding multiples or twins.

1. You can easily produce enough milk for your babies. Mainly, the production of milk is based on supply and demand. Even if you have three babies, then also you can make enough milk and step up production to meet the necessary requirements.

The only thing you need to do is, increase the consumption of caloric food and also liquids. You need to consume food in large quantities when compared to the mother who feed for only one baby. You need to eat full, healthy snacks and meals than you ever.

2. Better to feed babies all at a time. Most of the experts suggest that simultaneous feeding is better, because when you are finished with one then you need to feed another baby. If you have twins, then you can easily feed them by holding in a football hold position, cradle hold positions or one baby in the football hold position and the other in the cradle hold position.

3. Try to feed with alternating breasts for each baby. Give the chance to both babies to use both the breasts. So, you will not make any difference in their demands. For example, if one baby drinks more quantity of milk, then alternate the babies so that there is even supply of milk in both the breasts.

4. If needed, consider formula feeding. If you have triplets or more, then you can take the help of formula feeding. For two babies you can breastfeed and for the remaining feed with formula at the same time. Then alternate the babies so that your babies can get most from the breast milk and some from formula.

5. Take the help of others. Caring for twins or multiples is not an easy task. So, it is better to take help from any of your family members or friends in order to help in breastfeeding and baby care. You can hire a baby nurse, postpartum doula, a mother’s helper or any other supporter.


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