5 Tips To Make Feeding Newborn Babies Fun And Easy

Have you been having a hard time feeding newborn babies lately? Are you having discomfort while feeding newborn babies? It has been a worrisome to some mothers but are fulfilling to some. The level of discomfort on feeding newborn babies depends mainly on mothers’ adaptation to taking care of the baby, lifestyle, and availability.

feeding newborn babiesMothers may choose to breastfeed their children and others bottle feed. Mothers can seek advice from the pediatrician on what type of feeding maybe best suited. It is known that breastfeeding is very essential to a newborn baby’s health.

However, if a mother is taking medications when she is ill, it is recommended that she consult to her pediatrician whether it affects the breast milk.

The best way to start feeding newborn babies is acknowledging that feeding is a primary nutrition you can give, essential to the growth of a vulnerable infant. There are five ways to make feeding newborn babies easy and fun:

  1. Start by choosing what type of feeding suits you and your newborn baby. Choosing breastfeeding would be a perfect initial bonding of a mother and a child. It meets the necessary nutritional needs of the baby at the same time. Mothers do not have to prepare milk formulas as breast milk is readily available. It also saves money.
  2. In doing breast feeding, mothers need to eat nutritious foods to be able to provide nutritious milk. Plenty of fluid intakes when feeding newborn babies are also necessary. Best options are fruits and vegetables. You can never go wrong with these foods. Fruits give fluid and vitamins while vegetables give vitamins and minerals. Taking good care of yourself is also taking good care of your child.
  3. When feeding newborn babies, make sure that the area you are positioned is well ventilated. Keep away from dusty areas and warm corners as these would bring discomfort to both mothers and infant and at the same time, and may affect the concentration of the mother to her newborn child.
  4. In choosing bottle feeding, check on the bottles being used as this can contribute to baby’s level of satisfaction in feeding newborn babies. Make sure the water is proportion to the needed amount of milk solution. Adverse effects of disproportion may cause constipation. When important factors are taken into consideration, satisfaction is also met.
  5. You should also remember that cleaning the bottles should often be done when choosing bottle feeding. If bottles are not properly cleaned or sterilized, it may be the cause of infection. You may also observe the type of bottle nipples the infant prefers.

Choosing the best type of baby feeding would always depend on factors affecting you. Whether you choose bottle feeding or breastfeeding, you should always consider the advice of the doctor. You may miss some details. Remember, it is always the health of your newborn child the top priority.

Though, breastfeeding is the best option, mothers who choose bottle feeding should not feel guilty as there are factors that points out bottle feeding would suit your needs.


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