10 Baby Food Recipes Not Ideal For Babies

Now is the time for you to start getting creative. Your little one is starting to show interest in trying out baby foods. This is the time when you get worried about what kind of baby food recipes to prepare or to fill his tiny plate.

This will be a time of experimentation when you get to observe how his taste buds work. Most importantly this is the time to be mindful of what baby food recipes you are going to serve your baby.

Babies are not like adults so we should treat them differently when it comes to preparing their meals.

There are healthy baby food recipes which are highly suggested by pediatricians and even by other parents.

However, there are also those which you need to avoid for now. Here’s a list of the top 10 baby food recipes you should avoid feeding your babies.

1. Swordfishes and mackerels are fishes that should not be added on any baby food recipes as they are high in mercury which is dangerous for your baby and even for adults.

2. Any baby food recipes containing honey is a threat for babies as spores which can cause botulism can hide within the honey. The intestines of babies are not yet developed so they don’t have any capacity to stop these spores from growing.

3. Peanut butter recipes can possibly cause allergies[food allergy] in babies. Aside from that, peanut butter is difficult to eat because a baby cannot eat and swallow it properly yet.

4. Do not mix nuts with any baby food recipes as nuts can be a choking hazard for babies and may also cause allergic reactions. They are very hard and the baby’s stomach may fail to digest them.

5. Soft candies like small marshmallows, jelly beans, gummy bears and other candies can cause choking in babies as they can easily lodge their throat.

6. Cow’s milk must be avoided since babies can’t digest the protein in a cow’s milk.

7. Baby food recipes containing chocolate should be avoided as they have high amount of sugar and caffeine, which are not good for babies.

8. You might think desserts are a must in baby food recipes and would be good and appetizing for them. On the contrary, they contain large doses of sugar which only provide empty calorie and no nutritional value.

9. Citrus fruits and juices contain citric acid, which can result to an upset stomach.

10. Collard greens and spinach have high levels of nitrates which can cause anemia deficiency and is therefore not good for babies.

These are some of the foods or baby food recipes you need to avoid feeding your baby.

You do not have to worry as time will come that your baby will be able to eat all or most of the foods you want him/her to eat. But as for now, you need to be careful if you don’t want to have any problem with your baby’s health.


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