Using Time Lapse Video to Document Pregnancy and New Born Progress

Technology can make the whole process of pregnancy a lot more interesting and memorable. The time lapse video can help create a marvelous memory for a pregnant couple, which can be savored over the following years and can even be a marvelous revelation for the child who is to be born!


Using time lapse videos for a pregnancy

Featured here is a pregnancy video that encapsulates 9 months in just 90 seconds of footage. The clever little video starts off with a young woman with a completely flat abdomen. The video then progresses to show the changing shape of the young woman.

What also changes is the background – the couple obviously relocates to a different place during the time of those nine months and we also see that the house is somewhat less tidy on some days than others.

The video starts off with a flat belly, progresses quickly to a full time pregnant woman and then ends in the arrival of an adorable little baby girl. The baby’s name is announced at the end of the video. How adorable is that!

This can be an interesting way to document the progress of a pregnancy for the parents and the baby as well as their extended family. Then there is the fact that time lapse videos can be used to announce the arrival of a new baby. When a new baby arrives and you want to announce this to the whole world, you can create a time lapse video like this and then post it on your Facebook page or even send personalized emails to all your friends and family.

Using time lapse videos to document baby’s progress

A similar time lapse video can be used to document your baby’s progress as well. While you may continue to take videos of all the amazing things that your baby is doing each new day, you can also create a video that shows the remarkable physical changes that occur in a new born baby and which occur so very quickly.

How to make a time lapse video

All the videos that show you the progress of the sun from dawn to dusk in a matter of moments; or which show you the unfurling of a flower in seconds rather than the hours it would take are time lapse videos.

It requires the choosing of the right camera, taking time lapse pictures carefully and then editing them and then combining them in the right sequential manner. Here you can find out more about how to create a time lapse video for your pregnancy or your new born baby.


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