Helping A New Born To Become A Smarter Adult

This is a statement many mothers consider in the first months of the motherhood when for the first time the new born is reaching out to touch that something that is moving before his eyes or is smiling when talked to.

The first signs of baby intelligence are manifested when changes interfere within the baby’s environment. This is so far from the theory that the baby inherits the intelligence from the parents.

Usually the way our baby’s mind grows and develops is conditioned by the amount of factors the little one is made to react to.[Baby development]

If the environment offers the baby a large opening and many interactive options the baby will react by improving attention.

For example, when taking the baby out for a walk during the first month you can see that he or she tends to fall asleep after looking vividly around and processing the light, the movement and the sound. This is how their little mind tends to process the information and during their sleep this information is registered and stimulates the brain.

We are so embarrassed when presenting our baby to different persons the little one gets scared and starts crying. This has a very good reason and has nothing to do with our baby being silly.

Human beings represent oceans of information abruptly introduced in our baby’s world. They talk, laugh, reach out and touch the baby and many times so much information turns to be too much especially if the baby is very young.

How can we help our baby be intelligent?

That is easier than you might think. All we need to do is to offer our babies time and opportunity to learn, react and respond by introducing them to the environment.

This can be done from the first days of the baby’s life but parents must keep in mind that the babies have a very different way to process and understand the world.

They depend very much on their senses and for the first two years of life this is their main way of interacting with the environment.

For the baby to come in physical contact with the environment he will relate to your senses. This is why parents are encouraged to play with their babies and by it to stimulate their learning process.

Before reaching the age of 4 months the baby is occupied to discover his or her body. We can see that they spend a lot of time looking at their hands or analyzing the things we show them. The babies show a lot of interest for the faces of their loved ones and for the sounds they make.

The calm voice, the laughter and the touch become something very clear for the baby. This is the time when the babies start to understand the rules and also the disposition of their parents.

From this point the learning process is increasing with every new element the parents are presenting the baby.

What we should be aware of is that we must not push them, bore them or make them lose interest. The main point of their very early education is that they feel a compulsive need of spending time with us.

If during this time we take the challenge and offer them the information during games, physical exercise and interaction, the babies will register it and process it learning faster than we as adults could ever learn.


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