Bubbles For The Baby…Bye – Bye Fear For Mommy

baby bathAll new mothers dread the fear of the first bath. At home, without doctors and nurses, we are in the position to take the matter of bathing our newborn in our hands, without any help.

Some of us are lucky enough to have our mothers around to take up that challenge but what do we do if that part of luck is missing. So as any family is bound to be, ours has to be prepared for this moment.

Usually fathers are breathless assistants to this operation and we mothers need to be, super women taking over the task.

We are taught that  the first bath is recommendable to be a sponge bath, using a special baby bathtub, cotton tampons for the baby’s eyes, baby shampoo, warmed towel, diapers and …why not …instructions.

Geared up with all the above and ready to take on the task, there are a few tips that we should keep in mind.


First, our baby needs to be safe and warm at all times.

Also if he or she starts to enjoy this first bath, they will enjoy the rest even more so it’s really up to us to help them do that.

It is common knowledge that babies don’t like to be bathed, especially when the first bath is in question. We, mothers should know that there is a very good chance our little one will become restless and anxious and for sure will start crying. [Baby Bath]

This is the result of the fact that the baby’s body strives to keep the temperature constant and the contact of the skin with the cold air may come as a shock.

Mothers are very afraid not to hurt the babies while they are bathing them but this fear can be easily put to rest.

After the first weeks it is recommendable for moms to get used to bathe with the babies.

The water temperature must be very carefully measured with the elbow and in a slightly foamy bath a baby will feel very comfortable feeling the mommy’s body next to his.

This way the fear and insecurity can be dissolved both for the baby and for his mom.

I used this tip, my pediatrician gave me, with both of my kinds and they got used to the bathing process very easily.

Now it is quite a challenge to take them out of the water because the bath has become an entertainment.

In conclusion is pretty much up to us mothers, to turn a fearful activity into an enjoyable process both for our babies and for us.


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