A Baby Name Is Much More Than A Decision

baby namesHow many of us mothers weren’t worried, terribly preoccupied and absorbed of the name hunt for our future babies. I’ll tell you…none.

Some of us know the names of our little one even before we conceive them.

I am saying this because I distinctively remember a few brunches where I heard ladies saying stuff like” if I would have a boy I would name him”. I think you know what I mean.

So… dear mothers, before you pick a name for your little one consider a few things that may strike you as odd at this early point but later in your baby’s life, you will be glad to have thought of them.

Most of us hate the names we are “wearing”. Usually a Francesca wants to be Dawn, a Reginald wants to be a Michael and the list can go on.

The names have the power to define a baby’s way in the society he or she will be part of for many years. An unusual name may take your baby out of a crowd but it will also turn your baby into a target.

On the other hand, picking a common name will turn your baby into just another “Tom Dick or Harry”.

What is the right solution then? When I picked names for my little ones I took under consideration a lot of things. I wanted my babies to be different and I also wanted to be proud of themselves.

So I went for unusual names but also names I associated with, “sir” and “madam” and found out they were sounding alright.

I took under consideration names that matched the surname and also names that could not have been twisted into nasty nicknames or put next to insulting rimes.

Doing this I considered my own childhood and remembered that kids can be very cruel to one another if they choose to be and a name is a very common tool to hurt somebody.

These being said I analyzed how I would have felt if I was carrying the names I chose for my babies and I picked the ones that would have made me comfortable.

We, mothers, tend to be outstanding in any action we take in behalf of our babies. That is so very important to understand that our decision in naming them is much more than a usual choice.

Our babies’ names are important for their personality and for their future opportunities.

We should always think about choosing a name that will make our baby comfortable but also unique. Maybe such a recipe is hard to find but our baby will be forever grateful.


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