Travel Toys To Keep Your Baby All The Way Entertained

Want to keep your baby all the way entertained while traveling? There are many toys available in the market specifically designed for babies and kids.

You can take your worry out of your family trip with special travel toys. Make your long trips happy and fun with travel toys as they are the best choice for babies, infants, and toddlers to keep them happy and entertained.

Sassy Caterpillar Mobile

You can attach this caterpillar mobile to baby carrier, stroller or a car window. It comes with a strong suction cup for attaching to the car window.

Characters are removable and can be individually attached to the infant carrier. These characters chime, crinkle and rattle that entertains your baby. [ via ]

Lamaze 2-in-1 Traveling Guppy

This travel toy not only makes a great floor toy, but it is also designed as a traveling friend for your little baby.

Your baby gets attracted to the bright colors and contrasts of this toy. Spinning ball present on the fish has colorful beads that spin. It is also useful as a developmental toy for your baby. [ via ]


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