5 Toys Perfect for Newborn Baby Development

Baby development is a top priority for parents, and there are many ways to accomplish positive growth. One of the best ways to work in this direction is with the help of toys.

As babies grow, they become more aware of themselves and their environment. Their understanding expands, and they imbibe in whatever that comes their way. It is, thus, important, we provide them with right kind of toys to supplement the growing process.

In this article, we have shortlisted five toys which are highly beneficial for newborn baby development, and, therefore, must-haves.

Five toys perfect for newborn baby development

1. Wrist rattles

Wrist rattles are amazingly convenient and can easily occupy the baby’s mind. Attach these rattles to the wrist of the babies, who will play around with them. The toys will greatly help in the development of senses.

Babies often become restless or too excited, and this may cause them to swing around the rattles forcefully resulting in they being hit by rattles—it is thus recommended that you check the quality of rattles before purchasing. Make sure they are soft!

2. A Playmat is all your growing baby needs

Babies grow rapidly resulting in increased motions, including rolling around. So, to deal with their quick rolls on the floor, get a play-mat.

Place the playmat with a range of attractive toys surrounding the baby to enable him/her to practice stretching and moving. Playmates will protect the delicate skin of the baby from getting scratched on the rough floor.

While purchasing a playmat, give special attention to its texture and fabric. Get one which is soft and full of colors.

3. A toy drum

It becomes essential to teach the baby the fundamentals of cause-effect, and the best way to help them learn this is with the help of a toy drum or anything else which creates a sound whenever poked, bashed or prodded.

Such toys are highly engaging, and, without much effort, will teach the baby the cause-effect phenomenon.

While buying a toy drum or any other toy with similar function, please ensure that the toy is not too loud or sharp.

4. Creative storybooks

Storybooks are the most traditional yet effective modes of baby development. These books come in different designs, colors, themes and every other attractive feature bound to engage the baby.

There are storybooks with creative flaps; the ones which make sounds or talk. If you have a simple storybook without fashionable additions, then you will have to enact the stories before the baby.

Make the babies believe in the story, and this way they will learn vital human expressions such as awe and excitement.

Reserve a particular time-slot for storybook session—it could be during bath, bedtime or any other time as per your convenience.

5. Stuff toys

Of course, stuff toys are among the first friends of newborns, and therefore, you should get them the softest and the most beautiful ones.

Soft toys help in improving the sense of touch when babies touch and cuddle them. It is, thus, recommended that you get dolls or animals bearing distinct textures.


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