What to Look for When Choosing Toys for Infants

Since they don’t really have anything else to do, infants simply enjoy playing with toys. When looking for toys for infants you should also remember that these should also be educational. Nonetheless some of the toys can also turn out to be dangerous and this is why you have to ensure that the items you get are safe.

Age recommendations for infants’ toys

Toys-for-InfantsWhen looking for toys you should note the age recommendations. There is no point to buy a toy for a baby that says ages 3 and up. The babies should have the right toys for their age. This way these toys will help them develop and you can be sure that they are also safe from harm.

Choking hazards

In order to know whether the toys for infants represent a choking hazard you should make sure that no part of the toy fits into the tube of toilet paper. If the part of the toy or the toy fits into the tube, it represents a choking hazard for the baby. In this case, you should not buy the toy.

Toy recalls

To make sure that the baby toys that you get are safe you should check out the website of the CPSC to find out about the possible toy recalls. You can search according to toy, toy description or manufacturer. Also you can search according to a period of time.

The best thing about this website regarding toys for babies is that there is an RSS feed about the recent recalls. If a toy is recalled it means that it isn’t safe for children. This is why it is so important to gather information about the recalled toys.

The toy needs to be well made

When you are buying toys for infants, you have to check the toy for defects or for obvious hazards like long strings or rough or pointed edges. For instance the crib toys with strings, which are longer than six inches, represent a hazard of strangulation to an infant.


Before buying toys for children, you should talk to other parents. They will be able to offer you some information regarding the safety of certain toys. Also they could tell you about the recent recalls that you didn’t hear about yet.

What if…

If the toys for infants that you already bought are recalled the best thing you could do is to follow the instructions on the recall notice. It is possible that you need to contact the manufacturer and that you will have to return the item to the place you bought it from.

The best children’s toys

Starting with the early ages infants have to be stimulated. This is why it is best to opt for the toys that are colorful and it is even better if they also make a sound. This is because this way the babies will experience even more.

Now you know how to choose the toys for infants to make sure that they are safe and educational.


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