Top 10 Educational Baby Toys

In order for the babies to develop, they have to discover the world around them and this can be achieved with the help of the top 10 educational baby toys.

10. Hand rattle


When looking for toys, you should remember that the babies just love the things that make different noises. Look for the toys that the babies can squeeze and bite.

9. Hanging rattle


If you are looking for the 10 best educational toys to keep your baby busy, it is best to get a hanging rattle. This grabs the attention of babies for hours.

8. Baby gym


When the baby starts grabbing his or her leg you might start looking for the top 10 educational baby toys involving physical activity. If you get the gym make sure that there is always a new toy added.

7. Baby bouncer


The best thing about this one of the 10 baby toys that are the best is that the baby is safe and you can hang toys that will keep the little one busy.

6. Books to encourage learning by touch


Although you might think that the top 10 educational baby toys don’t include books because the baby is too young, you should be thinking about the cloth books.

5. Mirror

Keep in mind regarding the 10 most educational baby toys that babies just love to look at their own reflection. You can be sure that this isn’t just a girl thing.

4. Throw in the bucket


The best thing about the buckets is that the babies can fill them with whatever they want and they can explore new possibilities for hours in a row.

3. Rainbow stacker


Remember how much you liked this toy as a kid? You can be sure that your baby will enjoy it just as much. The main point is for it to be as colorful as possible.

2. Foam floor puzzle


This is like a 2-in-1 product. It’s not only a mat, but babies can also play with it. At first the babies will pull it apart, but then they will put the pieces back together.

1. Books for visual learning


As the baby gets older you have to be looking for more challenging examples from the top 10 educational baby toys. Usually the number one pick of the parents are books, because these take the children into a new world stimulating their imagination and improving their visual learning skills. The things that they learn this way can’t be learnt anywhere else.


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