Simple Baby Toys You Can Make At Home

You recently bought that magical toy for your baby that you had been thinking for ages of buying, and you brought it home, eager to see his eyes light up with joy at the sight of this wonderful toy!

You should not show your disappointment when your baby glanced at this great and wonderful toy that you had eagerly brought him, took a look at the box it came in, and happily picked it up and started playing with it! Did you learn a lesson from this experience?

The truth is that babies do not need a lot of expensive and trendy toys [Baby Toys] to play with; babies are normally easy to entertain, and any old thing will do to play with.

Remember; babies learn more during the first three years of their lives than at any other, and you as a discerning parent can provide him with toys that provide entertainment, as well as education.

The best part of it is that you can easily make several kinds of toys at home for your baby. Here’s how:

  • Make a ‘Kick the Can’ toy that will exercise his leg muscles and also keep him happy for hours. You will need a tin can, a few jingle bells, some thick twine and a hammer and nails, some colors and decorations. All you have to do is this: place the bells inside the empty tin can, close it on both sides, make holes on both ends, pass the twine through the holes and hang the entire thing up across his crib or tie it between his baby chair. When he kicks at it, it will make a noise, and he will enjoy doing it time and again! His leg muscles will grow stronger for the exercise.
  • If you have a few paper plates, paint an animal face on them, paste the plate onto a stick, and use it to play ‘peek-a-boo’ with your baby!
  • Try filling a small bottle with water, put some glitter inside, and also some small floating stuff, and watch him play for hours with it! Mae sure the lid is closed tightly.
  • If your baby has started to walk about, then you could give him a pull along toy. You can use your imagination to create any number of these toys, and I will give you one idea: take an empty Pringles can, put some small things inside, which will make a noise when they bang against each other, make sure that both the ends are very securely fastened, and tie a rope to the contraption, so that your baby can pull it along when he walks. Make sure that you supervise him closely.
  • Give him a set of small bowls, and a spoon with which to bang them. He will be happy for hours!

Use your imagination and creativity; there is absolutely no need to buy great looking expensive toys for your baby: he will be satisfied with any small thing that you can give him, as long as someone is with him to encourage him and cheer him along.


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