What Wooden Toys Are Safe for the Baby?

One of the most challenging aspects of parenthood is to choose the right toys for your children. These should be interesting for the little one, but at the same time they should be eco-friendly and also non-toxic.

There are numerous reasons for which the majority of parents seem to prefer the wooden toys over the plastic ones, and these include that fact that it is easier to keep them clean.

In order to make sure that the toys are safe and also durable, you should be looking for the CE mark on them before actually purchasing. The marking of CE means that the toys are in compliance with the health and safety requirements in Europe.

childrens-wooden-toysAlso it is important for the toy to be suitable for the little one, so select them according to the age group that has been listed by the manufacturer.

When looking for childrens wooden toys, make sure that all the edges are smooth. It is a known fact that the little ones like to put things in their mouth, and so the sharp edges could represent a danger for them.

Besides the toy being fun and attractive, it should be educational in the same time. In case the baby loses interest in the toy in question, the educational value is also lost.

The wooden toys could be considered an investment for the future generations. In case you opt for the high quality toys, you can be sure that they will last for decades. Also there are numerous wooden toys that are considered to be collectibles.

When looking for new toys for a newborn, you should recognize what the little one responds to. In the majority of the cases the toys with noise and movement capture the attention of babies and you could use these toys to interact with your child.

Also it is a well-known fact that the babies like those toys that are brightly colored.

The wooden toys could help the little one to learn about mobility and coordination. In order to exercise the hand-to-mouth skills, you should be looking for toys like wooden spoons, teeth rings and stacking toys.

Learning is fun and quick if your little one is using alphabet toys. There are various shapes, sizes and colors that these come in. He or she could be building towers out of alphabet blocks and without noticing, the toddler will learn the letters. Yes…this means you encourage your baby to become smarter.

In case of babies there are some wooden blocks that offer sound or visual surprises when they are shaken or hit.

Wooden puzzles are also a great alternative for toddlers. There are many different shapes to choose from, such as animal shapes, round, square and many more. If you help your baby to put a puzzle together, it will help him or her improve the memory skills.

Choosing a toy for a baby or a toddler isn’t that difficult in case you consider the needs that the little one has, and while doing this you shouldn’t be thinking as an adult, but as a child.


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