Safe Organic Toys For Newborn Babies

If you are worried about selecting safe toys for your kids, particularly infants and toddlers, soft organic toys are one of the best options for you.

Organic toys are made either from wool or ultra soft cotton that is quite harmless for your child. Vegetable dyes are used to add color to toys. This makes organic toys great option for your little baby.

Here are few organic toys for your little one, which are not only safe for your baby but also help in improving skills of your child.

Organic Veggie Crate

This organic vegetable toy basket includes green bean, tomato, carrot and mushroom. Packaged in a wooden crate, this vegetable basket will be very useful for your kid’s play time.

It will be really fun for your kid to play with these adorable vegetable characters. As already mentioned, these organic toys are made with harmless, soft, chemical-free 100%  pure organic cotton. [ via ]

Organic Fruit Tote

You can start your own farmers market with this attractive cast of fruit characters stowed in an organic fabric tote.

Each fruit included in the basket is absolutely safe for your baby to gum or chew. The fabric of the toys is 100% organic cotton and stuffed with organic cotton as well.

When your child grows older, these fruit toys will be useful for imaginative play for your kids. [ via ]



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