Your Rocking Horse Toy Buying Guide

If there is one traditional toy that children down the ages have cherished, it would have to be the rocking horse toy. Whether you’re considering getting a rocking toy as a gift for someone or whether you’re thinking of getting it for your own child, this buying guide will help you make the right choice after considering different options:

The traditional rocking horse toy

A wide assortment is available for traditional rocking horses from a rocking horse to Made from wood, most of these toys are hand painted and can even be personalized with a child’s own name. Custom designing of the toy is also possible if you want to have it color coordinated to a child’s room or you want it to match the colors of a favorite sports team.

Rocking Horse ToyA similar rocking horse toy with a simple and fuss free design is the plan toy Arabian rocking horse available from Amazon. It is has a gentle arc to prevent the child tipping over and is environment friendly because it is made from organic recycled rubber wood.

The rocking trike

The rock and roll trike from Fisher Price is a versatile and useful little thing that is both a rocking toy as well as a tricycle. The child can pedal it and ride it around or he can use it as a rocking horse.

The rocking base turns into a handle for a parent to hold on to and guide the child when its being used as a trike. This toy is suitable for kids ranging from 18 months to 5 years of age.

A rocking horse toy for younger children

Most children are not going to be going to be able to get on to the bigger rocking toys until they are a couple of years old or even older. For younger children you may want to go in for a Little Tykes Rocking Puppy. It lies low to the floor so that even smaller babies can use it if supervised. The high back prevents a baby from falling off the back. The foot rests and textured seat also make it suitable for younger children.

If you’re looking for softer or plush surfaces for the rocking horse toy for your baby, you may want to consider the rock a bye Raffi Giraffe rocker. This rocking horse toy has a wooden frame overlaid with soft bright colored fabric. It also plays music for your baby as she rocks.

A rocking chair for you

Before a rocking horse toy for your child, you may need a rocking chair for yourself. A rocking chair is an excellent addition to any nursery, because it can be the one place for a parent or caregiver to settle down to feed baby comfortably, or just to sit and rest for a while as baby naps. A rocking chair’s to and fro rocking motion can also be very useful for soothing a cranky baby or for rocking a tired baby to sleep with minimum fuss.


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