Preschool Educational Games Your Child Will Enjoy

There are a lot of toys left over from your baby’s infancy that will work perfectly well as preschool educational games. Soft balls, stuffed toys, activity mats, board books, push and pull toys, a multi-activity center will continue entertain and amuse your preschooler, however if you are looking for toys specifically for this age group, read on for some ideas-

Preschool Educational Games

Simple puzzles

Simple jigsaws with 5 to 20 pieces are very manageable for preschool kids and they can be great for developing a child’s perceptual or analytical skills, and can give a sense of achievement to the child. Similarly, other puzzles such as join the dots, number coded coloring, spot the difference etc. are great preschool educational games that make a child think and improve problem solving abilities.

Slate and chalk or white board and marker

The slate and the chalk, may be among the earliest kinds of preschool educational games, but it is still a fascinating and highly educational.

The simple black board or slate, more recently supplanted by the ubiquitous white board with its erasable marker, helps a child formulate their first letters, numbers, and also their first artistic efforts.

Certain kind of activities are equipped with printed letters with space alongside and dotted letters for the child to write over. These can be erased and the child can start again, helping them to start writing letters, numbers and even small words.

Flash cards

These can help kids indentify and name numbers, alphabets and even simple words, help them grasp basic spelling concepts and so on. There are flash cards that help a child think sequentially, such as those that depict a story and which require the child to place the pictures in the correct order or sequence of events.

Flash cards can not only help explain new education concepts they can help improve memory as well making them excellent preschool educational games. Flash card pairs require the child to remember what matches with what, and helps them learn about nature, language, objects of daily use and so on.


Interactive CDs, DVDs and other software is now available to teach your child pretty much anything – from colors, to shapes, to alphabets, numbers and vocabulary building. The difficult part is really is to decide what preschool educational games to buy and what to leave.

Free online resources

With the internet access parents don’t even need to make expensive CD and DVD purchases, there are so many child friendly educational websites that offer interactive educations experiences for kids and at the same time make them computer savvy in an effortless manner.

This preschool learning games website offers animated videos of songs and rhymes, jigsaws, stories, number and shape matching games, and so on. There are activities to teach children learn the alphabet, counting, days of the week and even about constellations.

The Cbeebies website offers many more preschool educational games which kids enjoy also because some of their favorite TV characters are helping them with fun activities, stories, puzzles, songs and a lot more besides.


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