Organic Baby Toys – The Safest Playthings You Can Give Your Toddler

Organic baby toys are not just eco friendly, but are extremely secure for your kids to play with. Toys that are made out of organic or natural products offer the same level of fun that is provided by toys made out of other materials. The realm of organic baby toy is huge including those made out of sustainable wood as well as soft toys.

Moreover, since babies tend to put everything inside their mouths, toys that contain 0% toxins are just perfect for babies. However, before purchasing organic toys for your tot, there are a few things which you need to consider.

Before buying organic baby toys

You should consider whether the organic baby toy you are purchasing can really be categorized as organic. If you are making the purchasing decision simply because the label says it is one, then it is highly likely that it is unreal. Unfortunately, all wooden toys are not organic since the wood may be bleached with chemicals to provide the natural color.

Read the labels carefully to ensure that the processing of the wood is done through natural means. Often dangerous chemicals are applied or devices used for producing these wooden toys which might be harmful to the ecology.

While purchasing organic baby toys, check with the paint that has been used for decorating the item. Make sure that the paint is derived from natural colors and components. Often labels read ‘lead free’ and this means that the organic baby toy is safe compared to others. While purchasing soft toys, make sure that the ingredients are natural because often chemicals are used for protecting the material and preserve the stuffing.

Other than reading the labels, try doing some research about the toy.

Manufacturers produce organic baby toys with the help of organically grown fibers and wood which are processed without chemicals. Organic fiber toys may include dolls and stuffed animals made of organically dyed and unbleached 100% cotton fibers. Rattles, teething rings and building blocks are among the organic baby toys which are made using natural wood and safe procedures.

While some labels may indicate ‘organic’ and ‘natural’, you should ensure anti allergen qualities or absence of dyes or artificial fragrances in the toys. Eco-friendly baby toys are healthy and made of organic fibers, biodegradable materials, wood, natural dyes and paper.

Make sure that you do not just stick to providing your toddler with organic baby toys. You may diversify into everything which is organic such as organic baby shampoo, baby lotions, skincare products and more. If you have these products at home, your little one will be protected from the hazardous materials and chemicals not just while playing with their organic baby toy, but even when they are not occupied with it.

Even the food for your tiny tot should be organic as it will prevent the presence of pesticides in their food. Organic fiber wash cloths and hooded bath towels are free of preservatives, glycol, parabens, benzoates and other harmful chemicals.


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