Most Popular Baby Games Online

The name baby games suggests that these are for babies, well almost. Most toddlers are now adept at playing online games on their own. These vary by themes and their favorite characters too. Here are 10 most popular baby games online:

1. Baby Gamer

Baby Gamer

This is a fun a free online gaming site for infants and toddlers. It contains a list of best games from across the internet that you can access by just signing up with the site. It also has other features like apps and story books. Log on to for more details.

2. Dora games

Dora games

Who does not love this cute little explorer? For those Dora fans out there, this site has an exhaustive collection of games designed with this theme. There are also other baby games to try. Check them out.

3. Agame


The website has a wide range of baby games to choose from. Nursery games, sports, skill and multiplayer are just some of the categories in the list.

4. girlsgogames


Baby games on this portal range from caring to fashion games and monster to panda games. The themes are innumerable and the fun unlimited. Log on to experience the best of baby gaming at


With single and multiplayer levels this game site is dedicated to babies and their parents. Every kind of sport and activity can be experienced here by both baby and mom equally. Visit to register today.

6. Happy Clicks Games

Happy Clicks Games

Happy offers a number of baby games for babysitters and moms. They are not just games but also help improve motor and cognitive skills for your little one. The themes are also very well designed with fewer components that focus on single rather than multi tasking.

7. Baby First TV

Baby First TV

Dubbed as the first site for little ones, Baby First TV has all games designed on popular TV characters for toddlers. From nursery to online peek a boo games, this website has great graphic design with top end user interface. Login to to play baby games today.


From graphics to realistic animation, the portal has hundreds of games lined up for babies, mommies and nannies. It has a wide categorization of games from play group to pre-school activity oriented games. Educative and interactive the site has something fro every one.

9. Dressup games 8

Dressup games 8

What started as an online game portal for girls has now transformed into a multi gaming site for kids of all ages. Cartoons to sports there is every theme you could think of right here. Choose from animation and graphics according to taste at

10. Fungooms


The site has games in every genre. The site is ideal for high quality gaming experience. The games on this portal are designed differently with headers such as learning, creative, nature games and the like. If you are looking at a novel online baby game site then is the one for you.


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