How To Pick The Best And Safe Child Toy?

Child ToyAll most all the parents will enjoy buying child toys.

Before going to buy a child toy you have to check whether the toy is right for your child’s age, whether it is safe for your little one, and you need to consider your child’s personality, likes and dislikes.

The main factors you have to consider before buying a child toy are:

Choose age appropriate toys:

Choose a toy that is appropriate for your child’s age. If the chosen toy is beyond your child’s level of development, your child will quickly become frustrated and overwhelmed.

Also make sure that the toy is not too far below your child’s development. Otherwise your child will become bored and lose interest. The right child toy can also help to grow your child’s imagination and creativity.

Choose the toys that suits to your baby’s gender:

While buying the child toy, choose a toy that best suits to your child’s gender. If the chosen toy looks as for the other gender than that of your child then he will make the toy undesired.

Consider safe toys:

Most of the time children get injured with the toys that you bought for them. Your child toy needs to be further checked by you for safety.

Before buying a safe and right toy you have to consider the following aspects:

Toy construction:

Ensure that the toy should be strong. Your child cannot pull the toy eyes, buttons, pieces, ornaments, and other toy parts.

Check for sharp or pointed edges:

You should check the child toy for sharp and pointed edged. Especially it is an important aspect you have to consider for younger children since they have a tendency to put things into their mouths or into their eyes.

Ensure that the toy is non-toxic:

If you want to buy a child toy which consists of any liquids, make sure that the liquid is non-toxic. Check the labels to make sure they are safe in case of accidental ingestion.

Avoid electric toys:

Avoid electric toys for your child. Sometimes your child may attempt to eat batteries. A Child toy that has heating elements is unsafe for younger children.

Thoroughly read the warning labels:

Make sure that you must read all the warning labels associated with the toy and follow them. Warning labels usually warn if a toy poses chocking risks for young children due to small parts.

Check for the strength of the toy:

Ensure that the toy is strong. Also make sure that the child toy is built of strong material. In case of any accidental falls, the toy should not break into pieces, and with sharp edges can cause bodily injury to the child.

Along with the above aspects you have to consider the following things also:

  • Avoid a child toy which has small parts. Make sure that the moving parts are securely enclosed.
  • Toys must be painted with non-toxic paints
  • Toys clothing should be flame resistant
  • Check for the toy voice. Ensure that it has volume control and the noise levels are tolerable.


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