Encouraging Your Baby To Play With Developmental Toys

baby walkBabies are naturally curious and their minds are totally open to new learning experiences.

Their little brains are like clean slates that are just waiting for information to be written upon them.

Learning should always be a fun time for your baby.

Encouraging your baby at an early age can be very beneficial to your young child.

In this day and age there are several different educational and stimulating toys that you can purchase. These toys will help you in getting your baby started on a life long learning process.

Speech and Language

Teaching your baby early using tools such as an ABC book that is colorful and interactive will help them when they start Kindergarten. You can purchase your baby books that will teach them the alphabet and the sounds of the letters.

These books demonstrate the alphabet to your child with pictures of animals or things that correspond with it. Some books have Velcro on them so your baby can remove objects and put them back. This type of toy will be beneficial in many ways to your baby.


Babies are usually leery when they first begin to walk. They are of course afraid of falling down. Sometimes they just need a little encouragement to help them walk on their own. You will be able to offer this encouragement with different types of toys that let your baby hold on to something as they walk.

Toy popcorn poppers are always fun for babies. They offer stimulation with the colorful balls always popping up and down. It also lets your baby hold onto the handle so he or she feels like they have support to walk.

There are also types of educational toys that offer stimulation and imaginative play that they can pull along for security. These toys can offer anything from stacking games to building fundamentals that will help your child to learn.

Gym for Baby

Whether your baby is a newborn or a little older he or she will enjoy a baby gym. This toy looks like a small swing set with bright colored rings and things that make noise hanging from it.

You can lay your baby on a blanket underneath this gym and they will be able to grab and play with the toys that are hanging there. This type of toy will stimulate your baby’s senses and help him or her to learn motor skills.

Hand – Eye Coordination

You may want to get your baby a toy that will let them learn about different shapes and sizes of things.

Toys that will let your baby put shapes into the correct holes will help your baby to use their hand –eye coordination. This toy will help your child later in life with their working skills.

All of these toys will be very beneficial for babies of all ages. Later in life you will be able to see the results of all your encouragement to your baby and you will feel very proud of them.


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