Educational And Developmental Toys For Little Kids!

If you are confused what kind of toys you should buy for your little one, toys that are both educational and playful will be great choice for your baby.

Educational toys that are playful will be useful for your kid for improving skills, when they grow older. Here are few wonderful options of educational toys for your little one.

Animal Crackers Felt Play Set

This adorable animal crackers play set is an exclusive design of Baby Gardener. Your little one will definitely love to play with these animal characters. The Set of 5 animals in a cherry red cracker box are hand-stitched in different shapes and colors.

Animals included in this adorable cherry red bag are giraffe, elephant, rabbit, pig and dog. [ via ]

Learn to dress monkey

The diaper monkey is dressed for success. Your kid will dress and undress the monkey and will be mastering his/her practical skills like buttoning, tying shoes, shirt, etc. With proper guidance and help of parent, any child above 18 months will really enjoy this play.

The monkey is made with soft fabric and includes a banana in his hand, a pair of removable shoes, socks, and shirt. [ via ]


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