Developmental Toys Your Baby Could Benefit From – 6 to 24 months

By six months a baby will have learnt so many different skills and will be so much more able and independent than when he or she was born, that each day may bring a surprise for the parents.

developmental toys for babiesThis is fun age, when baby loves to play with others as well as by himself or herself – at this time he or she will be able to display preference for one over another toy. Some toys to help babies developmentally and to keep them entertained can be –

6 to 9 months – Baby’s movements are a lot more controlled now and there is delight in being able to manipulate objects around:

  • An activity mat with music and lights will continue to delight even a 9 month old
  • The mirror used for tummy time play will now amuse baby in different ways
  • Stackable toys or rings, blocks and nesting objects will fascinate baby
  • Musical toys where baby can press buttons and hear music are also a great idea
  • Activity stations that have different activities keep baby busy and fascinated

9 to 12 months – most babies can pull to a standing position, and later walk and their toys should now mirror their new abilities:

  • A pull toy or a push toy will be very interesting now
  • Bath toys are a great idea
  • A more complex activity cube is also a good idea
  • Texture puzzles may interest an infant at this age

12 to 24 months – Most babies walk by this time and also start to say their first words, so toys should ideally stimulate and encourage this activity:

  • A toy phone will be immensely amusing. It encourages baby to role play and imitate adults around him; and also to try out his developing language skills
  • A learning home or a learning walker is a great idea too. This can help and encourage the baby to walk and explore on his or her own
  • Peg puzzles where baby has to insert the correct piece into the correct place are also fascinating and educative. The sort where the entire alphabet or all the numbers have to be replaced in their correct grooves can be challenging for a baby and will also help learn the alphabet slowly
  • A ride on bike or a tricycle can also be introduced to help develop motor skills
  • Bath time letters and other bath toys are also good and educative for baby


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