Developmental Toys: How to Educate and Have Fun Read

We all hope that our baby will become a genius and some of us are guilty of becoming a little overbearing when ‘encouraging’ our little ones. Pushy parent syndrome can be very easy to develop as we strive for the best for our children. Educating and encouraging development doesn’t have to be hard work. Toys, games and playtime can all stimulate our children. So what can you do to improve your darling’s chances of becoming the next Einstein?

Choose the toys and games carefully: Don’t try and introduce flash games to your 8 month old baby. Find age appropriate toys that promote motor skills, shape sorting or pressing buttons. Musical toys are always popular with children.

Check the product is safe for your child’s age: Squeaky dog toys are great, inexpensive things for babies and will not normally have any small parts but always check the label.

Find something you can join in with: Brands like Playmobil have lots of products that the whole family can enjoy. It has a wide range of toys that you can sit down on the floor and play together. This encourages your child to interact, share and enjoy their playtime much more. Playmobil is the type of toy older siblings would like to play with baby so it can promote strong relationships between your children.

Have fun: If you are trying to get your child to sort out colored blocks and they are not grasping the concept, you will find the whole experience stressful. Your child will pick up on your frustration and will become reluctant to participate.

Make learning ‘real’: Count things in your living room or ducks in a pond on your walks together. Children respond well to things they can relate to so use every opportunity to count and learn together.

Learning and exploring together can be fun so don’t worry about your baby’s development compared to others and just enjoy the time together.


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