Developmental Baby Toys 6 Months

Your little one has arrived and you are the medium through which they will interact with the rest of the world for at least the next 6 months. Hence, you need to choose the baby toys 6 months carefully. Babies spend their first 6 months exploring the world around them and developing their senses and basic awareness of the environment. In such a case, their senses should be stimulated to help them learn and achieve.

The baby toy for 6 months toddlers is just the appropriate tools to help them achieve this objective. While purchasing the baby toys for toddlers of 6 months, you should consider the aspects of development and safety.

The baby toys 6 months should be hygienic, safe and non toxic since most of them are often put right inside the mouth. During this growing phase, kids learn to focus, follow with their eyes, develop their motor skills, and establish hand-eye coordination.

Baby Toys 6 Months

There are many baby toys available in the market for kids aged less than 6 months and you can buy bagfuls of them, but here are a few options in baby toy for 6 months which are safe and promote better development:


Babies aged within 6 months love toys which make sounds and those which they are able to deal with by themselves. At this stage, rattlers are the most appropriate baby toys 6 months. However, you need to ensure that these toys do not make sounds that are too loud for your little one as it can adversely affect the child’s hearing.

The sound should be just enough for them to grasp. Moreover, the baby toy for 6 months should be colorful and light.


You can purchase teethers when your baby is around 2 or 3 months old. Some babies start teething when they are just about 3 months and even when they do not like to play with any of the baby toys 6 months, teethers may be used to soothe their gums for chewing purposes. A few teethers are available with gel fillings which might be cooled inside the refrigerator. These help relieve pains of aching gums.

Activity centers and hanging toys

As babies aged less than 6 months usually spend their time lying down the hanging baby toy for 6 months which can be attached to their crib can be too exciting for them. Musical swirling toys which can be tied on the top can aid in the kids’ sleep as well. With the activity centers, you can assure colors, sounds, textures, patterns, buttons, shapes and more. The baby toy for 6 months can be used to catapult the toddlers’ attention for a long time as well as stimulate their senses.

Play gyms

This all in one toy has multiple toys hanging from the main frame and encourage baby to reach out and grasp. These baby toys 6 months enhance the curiosity of the toddler and add to variety. A few gyms are also available with additional accessories such as wheels which can be used when the kid grows up.


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