Suggestions for Some Cool Baby Toys

Let’s face it – one of the joys of parenting is shopping for kids. Cute clothes, cool baby toys, accessories and other baby equipment. There is just such a lot of choice out there, it can be difficult to sift through it all and decide what to get and what not to.

This post will make the job a bit easier by suggesting some really cool baby toys for you to buy. Here are some suggestions and buying tips:


Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

The baby Einstein take along tunes is an amusing baby gadget that comes equipped with music, lights, bright beads, a smiley face to keep baby amused and a handle for baby to grip easily. There are 7 classical melodies that baby can play by using the easy to press buttons. You can control the volume. Easily portable, this can go anywhere with baby.

Baby’s First Blocks from Fisher Price

This is a classic – a box with a handle and a lid with assorted shape cutouts – cool baby toys for any kid. These blocks from Fisher Price will amuse baby as soon as she is old enough to hold objects. To begin with, baby will enjoy emptying out the bucket and putting the shapes in. When she is older you can have the lid on and encourage her to put the shapes in through their appropriate cutouts.

Rubber Duckies for Bath Time Fun

The yellow rubber duck floating squeaky bathtub toy is of course a timeless choice (and not just for babies). But this one comes along with its own adorable family of three chicks. And if a yellow ducky isn’t quite your speed you can pick up the cute green frog family or the fun blue dolphin family!

Baby Einstein Octoplush

The Baby Einstein Octoplush is another one of the cool baby toys: a plush toy for baby to hug and use for tactile exploration and development. Hugging the octopus will produce a melody to show baby cause and effect. And the colorful patches on the tentacles help baby understand more about colors.

Sassy First Sounds Book Set and Cube

The Sassy First Sounds Book Set and Cube consists of a set of three books and a cube that babies of 6 months and above will find fascinating.

Baby’s First ‘Slate’

The Melissa & Doug Magnetic Chalk Dry Erase Board is another really practical baby toy for older kids: a double-sided board which is white on one side and black on the other, and comes equipped with magnetic numbers and letters as well. Use chalk on the black board and erasable marker on the white board.

Book Buggy

The P’kolino Book Buggee in Orange is something that babies enjoy when they are more mobile and are able to manipulate their toys from point A to B, by dragging along while crawling or walking. Not only is this a pull toy that toddler seem to love so much, it is also a place for babies to store favorite books, toys and even some of their other silly treasures, making this another one of the cool baby toys we recommend.


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