Choose The Right Babies Teething Toys

The babies teething phase varies from one baby to the other. There is no time set when this will begin; but doctors usually say that this follows hereditary patterns. If the mother or father teethed early or late, their baby may follow suit.

Nonetheless, when the babies teething period comes on, you will notice that your baby may become more irritable and may cry more often. Some babies do not show any symptoms at all, but one thing they will all do during the babies teething phase is chew a lot.

Teething toys help your baby go through this stage of infancy more comfortably and also helps to keep them out of danger such as when they want to chew on potentially dangerous items.

If your babies teething period begin, here are some things you can try depending on the stage of their process:

  • If there are no symptoms being presented, you can use your finger to gently test the chewing and teething of your baby. Make sure that you wash your hands well and thoroughly before placing it in your baby’s mouth. If your baby constantly chews with their gums, then this means that they are definitely teething.
  • During the first few stages of babies teething, make use of soft toys that are gentle enough for the sensitive gums of your baby. The toys meant for early stages of babies teething are usually made out of soft cloth as well as stuffed animals. You can also find fun teething toys for them through variety, color, and those that make squeaking sounds.
  • The second phase of babies teething is when their gums begin to get irritated frequently, and therefore soothing and cooling toys are used. These toys are usually made out of soft plastic and filled with sanitized water, and can be placed in the fridge for a more comfortable teething experience for your baby.
  • The cool temperature will also be a big help in soothing the irritation of their gums. During this phase, very small teeth will begin to grow out, and when the toy is warm and soft this is also a good idea for them to practice chewing on, making it an ideal teething exercise to encourage the growth of strong, healthy teeth.
  • Once your baby has already grown visible teeth, you can switch to babies teething toys which are more solid. These types of toys are made from plastics and soft rubber, and which come in many fun sizes, styles, colors, and shapes that your baby will surely enjoy.

The babies teething stage does not have to be boring or uncomfortable for your baby. Feel free to bring him or her along as you shop for toys so that they can pick the ones that they enjoy.

You can also do some babies teething exercises to encourage growth of good teeth.

It’s also important to regularly sterilize and clean the babies teething toys after each use so as not to make it attract germs and keep it safe for your child.


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