Amazing Benefits of Shape Sorter Toys

Shape sorter toys are one of the favorite toys of toddlers that are not only fun and entertaining but also lead to various developments. These types of toys create challenge for the kids where they have to drop various pieces into correct shapes and holes. These toys are perfect for the children between 15 to 18 months as they help in fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and many other benefits. Below given are some of the amazing benefits of shape sorter toys.

amazing benefits of shape sorter toys

Fine Motor Skill Development

This is enabled when the children select the various shapes, turn them to match into the holes and even open the shapes from the cubes and throw them out. The former helps the movement of the muscles of the hands and the legs developing fine motor skills, while the later called the grass motor skills is necessary for the overall muscular development of the child.

Reasoning Skills

Shape sorter toys can also help in developing the reasoning skills of the child. As by analyzing which shape will fit into which hole, your child can learn to use the right shape for the right hole. Even if a shape is out of sight, the child will be able to reason out where he/she can trace it by opening the box.


This toy can certainly be challenging for a child, especially when he/she tries to fit a shape into the hole and is not able to work it out. Automatically the child will try again by fitting that shape into another hole. Hence this will develop a challenging attitude in the child with consistent patience development.

Identifying Shapes and Colors

As this game comes in different shapes and sizes, a child will learn the difference between each shape by the number of sides. For example differences in a circle and a square and even a triangle. Also as each of these shapes is brilliantly colored, a child develops learning on the different colors.

Learning about Cause and Effect

While playing with these toys, the curiosity level of the babies are high and it helps to develop their cause and effect concept. While using the toys, the child performs the function of pressing button or putting the blocks again and again in order to get the results.

Large variety and types of these toys are available in the market and you can select the one depending upon your choice and requirements. These types of toys are a perfect match of fun, education and development.


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