Best Baby Toys to Help Develop Your Child’s Motor Skills

Developing a child’s motor skills is quite important however the task is equally challenging for the parents. You may develop these skills in your child by involving him in various day to day activities. A better way to develop these skills in your child is with the help of different baby toys available in the market. The article provides information about the toys that can be really helpful in developing excellent motor skills in your baby.



Jigsaw puzzles are the best toys that can involve your child in identifying and handling small pieces as he tries to fit them properly. Puzzle stacker is actually fun for your kid. This is one of the best toys that develop your child’s emerging motor skills.

Play dough

This is the ideal choice of toys that can help in developing motor skills. Your child can learn to manipulate the dough and also develop strength. You can encourage your child to develop motor and creativity skills with the help of this toy.



Your child can develop motor skills by doing crafts. Manipulating paper, drawing and using scissors when doing crafts can help in developing motor skills.

Sorting toys

There are numerous types of sorting toys that can help in developing the motor skills. Colored blocks, textured bags, and cards are the types of sorting toys that can develop the grip in your baby’s hands. You can use the shape sorter to teach your kids about various shapes and this is one of the best toys that help in motor developing skills.

Pop beads

This is one of the traditional toys that helps your child with hand eye coordination and thus helps in developing fine motor skills.

Peg Boards

Peg Boards

This is a type of toy that helps your child learn how to place the tiny objects in holes. It develops your child’s hand eye coordination and grasping skills.

Development of motor skills is essential for a child. Toddlers must develop balance and muscle abilities as they prepare to explore the environment. Your kids must play with toys that need them to move main parts of the body such as fingers, hands, legs and more.

These toys are exclusively designed to provide fun and help your child to develop and learn fundamental abilities such as problem solving, motor developing skills and more. Parents have to choose the best toys that can help in developing motor skills in their child.


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