Baby Toys Basics Every Mom Must Know

Choosing baby toys can be so much fun and addictive, but before you do some shopping, make sure you are buying the right kind that is appropriate for your baby.

It’s easy to get lost in putting toys in your shopping basket without knowing you are going overboard with the idea. Here are some things you should know about baby toys:

Categories of baby toys

Gyms and play mats

Gyms and play mat baby toys can be found on every baby store. This baby gym toy has a comfortable floor quilt and has an interlinked frame connected to the mat where you find suspended links to attach small toys. The music they hear and bright colors will make them aware of their surroundings.

Rattles and teethers

Rattles and teethers are popular baby toys. These classic toys help ease the baby’s gums by biting on them during the teething period. At the same time it serves as a rattle that produces that click clacking sound to get their attention.

Interactive toys

More advanced baby toys come out in the market nowadays. Interactive toys allow the child to interact or to follow instructions given by talking toys. By flipping pages of interactive story books or dialing simple emergency numbers on a play phone, your child can interact and learn easily.

Riding toys

Riding baby toys help a lot in developing the child’s balance and body strength. These riding toys are also equipped with interactive push button that says letters, sings a song, and even talk.

Soft toys

Soft baby toys are also known as stuffed toys. These are stackable and soft, excellent in supporting sleeping babies, comfortable and durable. They are also convenient to bring along.

Early development toys

Early development baby toys such as pocket matching or color matching help a lot in enhancing the child’s brain and visuals. These kinds of toys are colorful, light and can vary between soft or hard.

Baby toys are specially designed to enhance the baby’s developmental skills as well as physical capacity. When buying their toys there are things you need to consider in keeping your baby safe when using these toys.


First thing you need to consider in buying a baby toy is safety. Suspended toys should be attached well, make sure there are no sharp edges or flashes on plastic toys.


Make sure they are durable. Falling parts may put the child in danger and could cause serious injuries.


Mats and stuffed toys should be hypoallergenic. They must be made of light and soft materials.

Non toxic

Children have the tendency of tasting or swallowing their toys. Make sure you don’t give them very small toys and are of toxic-free materials.

Easy maintenance

Some toys require maintenance. For instance, mats should be easily washed and dried. Toys should be washable. When washing, make sure to rinse them off very well. Soap residue that gets stuck may cause poisoning and make the child sick.


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