Amazon’s Bestselling Eco-Friendly Toys For Babies

Green or eco-friendly means several things: that it has the least possible impact on the environment, in production as well as disposal and that it is devoid of harmful chemicals and additives which are bad for people as well as the environment.

doll house nursery

Take a look at some of the best selling eco friendly toys for babies from Amazon:

  • The Green Sprouts stacking cup set has 8 stackable cups with draining holes and is PVC and phthalate free.
  • The Green sprouts infinity teether rattle: A teether rattle is one of the first toys that your new born will learn to grasp and use. Not only will it soothe gums irritated prior to teething, the pleasant rattling sound made when shaken will keep baby amused for long periods. Also PVC and phthalate free in a shape that promotes coordination.
  • Organic cotton splash toy set: 4 plush toys for baby’s bath time. Made from organic cotton terry cloth and poly fill as well as hanging look makes for quick drying.
  • The doll house nursery is for older toddlers. It includes a drawer chest, a crib along with a mobile attached are a high chair, a stroller and a baby. Made from natural organic recycles rubber wood.


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