8 Qualities Of Toddler Toys You Must Buy

Ever wonder what’s the best and appropriate toy for your child? Toddler toys come in different shapes and sizes. Their prices vary in the market too.

But before you choose to buy the most beautiful and expensive toys for your child, you might want to consider the following qualities of toddler toys you should buy for your kid:

1. Educational: Your toddler’s learning development starts as early as their first three years. If you’re planning to buy several toddler toys, make sure they are educational.

2. Colorful: Colorful toys attract your child’s attention. It practices the child’s ability to see things and how to react to them. Along with this, you may want to buy toddler toys that produce sounds to improve your child’s hearing.

3. Light: Toddler toys should be light. Their muscle and bone coordination are still developing and carrying heavy objects can be too tiring for them.

4. Promotes fitness: When buying toys, make sure that it also promotes their fitness level. Buying a horse riding toy or something movable for the child to practice his/her body coordination is an excellent toddler toy. Remember that your child’s bone development increases the fastest during toddler years.

5. Non toxic: Buy safe toddler toys. Make sure you read labels and instructions on the toy’s label to be aware of its possible dangers. A child tends to put in their mouth anything they can grab. By keeping close eye on your child and making sure their toys are safe you can feel safe too.

6. Safe: Toddler toys that have links and dangling pieces should be attached properly. Make sure there are no loose ties and pieces as this may cause danger swallowing or tangled on your child’s throat or other part of the body. If possible, avoid buying toys with very small parts.

7. Durable: Make sure the toys are durable. The toddler stage let them hit, ride or throw things they can touch. Make sure the toys you buy are of strong material like plastic to prevent them from breaking or cracking.

8. Fun and simple: Toddler toys must be fun and simple. A colorful ball or a stuffed animal will do for them.

Toddler toys are sold almost everywhere and even online. Make sure you choose the safest for your child. Allow yourself to inspect the kind of toy it is and if you have a specific brand of choice, they can provide you with custom care and choice of toddler toys.

If you can bring your child with you when buying a toy, let them choose what they want. This way you will get a specific toy you know they want and will use.

Let them play with it for a while you are shopping, by doing this, you will know your child’s interest in it or it is just a temporary thing. If you notice them sticking to one toy and can’t seem to let go then you have an idea what to buy.


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