Best Ways to Make your Overtired Baby have Good Sleep

Making your over tired baby sleep can be quite a task as they do not sleep when they get tired like us. First of all before making your baby sleep, you should notice the signs whether they are really over tired or not and this can be indicated if they yawn, rub their fingers on their eyes, continue having hiccups, have sweaty palms, quick breaths, sneeze or even some times cry. If any of these signs keep coming back, then you know it for sure that your task as an ideal mommy begins.

As making your baby sleep can be a difficult task, likewise making him sleep when he is over-tired can still be quite a task too. It is does not get any simpler or better just because your baby is over tired. Below given are some steps to follow in order to make your overtired baby sleep:

ways to make your overtired baby have good sleep

Step 1

First you need to create your baby’s perfect environment to sleep. You can turn on dim lights, isolate with your baby to a quiet place so that your baby’s sleep does not get disturbed from any sounds like talking, music etc.

Step 2

You need to make your baby warm; hence you can wrap her around a nice soft blanket and make it comfortable for a good sleep. If it is during the late mornings and early noon time (around 11-1), you can also give a warm bath to your baby, as that can help to have a better sleep.

Step 3

After wrapping your baby with the blanket, you can sing her a sweet lullaby or simply motivate her sleep by holding and moving your baby rhythmically. You can do this while walking or give her light bounces.  A swing can also do the trick.

Step 4

As a baby can get disturbed in a sleep easily, you may anticipate her to wake up and again start crying. Please note if the crying is rhythmical your baby can again fall back to sleep by herself. However if it is not, then you have to start following from step one again.

Making your baby sleep is definitely one of the most difficult task but following the above given steps will surely help you to make your overtired baby sleep easily and will also help her to have sound and good sleep without any disturbance.


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