Tips To Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

baby sleepEach baby has different sleep cycles and patterns and need much more sleep than adults.[Baby sleep]

Babies below three months sleep approximately twice as much as you.

Half of babies’ sleep time takes place during the day.

Infants and newborn babies usually do not sleep for longer periods, as they have to get up for small feeds.

Though each baby has different sleep patterns, a normal baby sleeps for about 2 hours during the day and 4-6 hours during the night.

Similar to adults, babies also have different sleep phases. Every adult has different sleep phases that we change over to and from, like drowsiness to light sleep and then dream sleep into deep sleep.

Basically, this is a cycle that holds true for babies and also adults and happens about 5 times a night. According to research, however, the sleep cycles starts before the birth of your baby.

How to help your baby to fall asleep?

  • Not every baby knows how to put themselves to sleep. When babies feel sleepy at bed-time, the best routine is to breastfeed them or rock them to sleep. [Baby Feeding]
  • Your baby begins to imagine that being in your arms is to fall asleep. If your baby awakes during the sleep cycle, then s/he will not be able to fall asleep on his own.
  • Most experts suggest allowing your baby to fall asleep in your arms and then placing him in bed until he awakes. With this routine, your baby learns how to fall asleep on his own.
  • Playing soft music when your baby feels sleepy is a good way to establish a bedtime routine.
  • If you are overwhelmed with the sleep patterns of your baby, use massage therapy to regulate sleep habits.

Best sleep positions for your baby’s safety:

Most experts recommend keeping your baby on his back as the safest position. You can also use side sleeping, but this has a higher risk than back sleeping.

Loose baby bedding, covering your baby with too many blankets, and soft surfaces can increase the risk of SIDS. Instead of blankets, it is better to consider a sleeper as an alternative. During sleeping time, ensure that your baby’s head is uncovered.


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