Tips To Get That Sleep With A Newborn

newborn sleepYou can predict pretty accurately when a baby will smile, sit up, eat solids and achieve any number of milestones.

What is far less predictable, however is when you will get that all important restful sleep through the night. Here are some tips that may help getting baby to sleep through the night:

  • Help baby distinguish day from night. When baby wakes in the night, don’t switch on a bright light, speak in hushed tones, don’t engage with him; so he can differentiate between day behavior and night. He will then associate night with sleep and quiet, and day with play and activity.
  • A bath time routine established early on will help the baby predict sleep times. A warm bath could help a baby relax and get to sleep easier. If, however the baby is all excited by the fun and frolic of bath times, you may want to substitute that bath with a quieter bed time routine; a story, soothing music etc.
  • As bedtime approaches make sure baby is properly fed, freshly changed and as comfortable as can be.
  • Some parents find it is useful to observe the baby and to let her set the bedtime rather than trying to impose a schedule on her. When she seems sleepy and tired; that is the time to get her to sleep.


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