The Most Common Symptoms of Sleep Apnoea

Sleep apnoea, also known as OSA (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea) is a serious sleeping condition that causes sufferers to struggle to breathe during sleep due to a partial or full blockage of the airways. This consistent disruption to sleep is often accompanied by snores and gasps, and the condition can lead to serious fatigue throughout the day and a number of different health issues.

Sleep apnoea Melbourne professionals are contacted by all kinds of people who are affected by the condition, with causes of sleep apnoea ranging from being overweight through to having large tonsils. OSA often occurs later in life, but treatment is available by seeing a sleep apnoea dentist or visiting a sleep apnoea professional that can provide effective CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) devices.

sleep apnoea

But how do you know if you’re suffering from sleep apnoea? Here are some of the main symptoms and what you can do to treat them.

Bad Sleeps Every Night

The biggest way to tell that you’re in need of contacting a sleep apnoea Melbourne professional is if your sleep is continuously disrupted by abrupt awakenings as a result of being unable to breathe during sleep. As you can imagine, this makes sleeping extremely difficult and can drastically impact your daily life. Excessive fatigue throughout the day can have a negative impact on your social, personal and professional lives.

OSA will often present itself through:

  • Disrupted sleep caused by abrupt awakenings where you feel like you can’t breathe
  • Morning headaches or general tension headaches throughout the day
  • Loud snoring and night-time sweating, or a general irritability while trying to sleep

Behavioural Changes

An inability to sleep properly can have substantial effects on a number of different parts of your life and general wellbeing. Snoring can cause frustration with partners, and not being able to function as usual can also lead to emotional and social strain in many ways. OSA is known to discourage people from socialising as much as usual, as the level of fatigue they experience can lead to falling asleep at inappropriate times.

Generally, a sleep apnoea dentist or other kind of professional should be sought out if you’re experiencing:

  • Difficulty concentrating, lethargy and poor memory
  • Falling asleep during daily tasks and social situations
  • Irritability, depression and a lack of desire to socialise
  • Lack of libido, which can take a toll on romantic relationships

Treatment Options

Sleep apnoea doesn’t need to affect your quality of life, relationships, social situations or career. To ensure that OSA isn’t taking over your life, there are options and treatments available. Establishing a relationship with a sleep apnoea Melbourne professional or a sleep apnoea dentist is the first step you should take to seek treatment of OSA and its negative symptoms.

Sleep apnoea dentists can provide special devices that hold the jaw open during sleep, helping to prevent airway blockages. Meanwhile, a sleep apnoea professional can provide a CPAP device, which involves wearing a nasal mask that blows air into your mouth and nose during sleep. Working to keep the throat open, CPAP devices are currently considered to be one of the most effective OSA treatments available.



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