Sleeping Safety Tips For Baby

sleeping babyA sleeping baby is one of the sweetest, dearest sights a parent has of their child.

But there are safety concerns for a sleeping baby and all parents should be aware of them.

  • Don’t position your baby crib or bed anywhere near windows, electrical appliances and heaters. Watch out for curtain cords and other rope-like material that can get tangled up with baby’s limbs and in a worst case scenario their necks.
  • Keep the walls around the baby’s crib or bed free of pictures or other things that may loosen or can be pulled off the wall and put baby in danger of serious injuries.
  • Always use a mattress that is firm and fits well in the crib. No gaps should be between the crib frame and the mattress. No gaps should be between the bedrails or walls and the mattress of a bed either.
  • Try not to use soft baby bedding such as pillows, fluffy stuffed animals, sheepskins or quilts. Keep the crib free of toys for the baby’s first year.
  • If baby is younger than one year, always put him or her on her back to sleep and not on his or her stomach. To avoid overheating your baby, don’t cover their head. Take off hats or hoods if baby falls asleep unexpectedly. If baby falls asleep on the rug, be careful that the rug doesn’t cover baby’s head.
  • Long cords, drawstrings and ribbons should be avoided as pajamas. If your baby likes to be swaddled for bedtime use a wrap that is light so as not to overheat.

The Family Bed

Some parents enjoy having their baby sleep in the same bed with them. There are lots of dangers in that practice.

You have to be careful neither of you roll over nor smother the baby inadvertently, you have to watch out for head and foot boards with wide slats.

Babies and water beds don’t mix; instead your mattress needs to be firm. When baby is in bed with you, don’t drink or smoke. You should never be under the influence of alcohol or drugs either if you will be sleeping with your baby.

Another piece of advice if you have a family bed is to watch what type of nightwear you don when you sleep. If you have long strings or even dangling jewelry on you this too can endanger the baby.


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