Sleeping Bags for Babies – Things to Keep in Mind

Sleeping bags for babies are something that parents can use instead of the usual blankets, quilt or duvet that are the usual choice for covering baby. These are quite a few reasons why baby sleeping bags can be a great idea, but there are a few things to keep in mind when using them as well.

Sleeping Bags for Babies

There are some reasons why sleeping bags for babies can be a great idea-

  • The main reason why these bags can be a good idea is due to the fact that the baby cannot kick off the covering while sleeping the way that regular sheets and blankets can be kicked off.
  • Babies can remain warm and snug and a constant temperature can be maintained for them through the night when they are zipped up in sleeping bags for babies or what are also called sleep sacks or sleep nests.
  • There is less chance of a baby slipping down and under the covers if he or she is in a sleeping bag. This lowers dangers of the baby suffocating due to the bedding, one of the known causes of SIDS.
  • Another convenient thing about sleeping bags for babies is that this is something that parents can easily carry along with them if they have to go out someplace, and think that the baby may need to be set down for a nap while still away from home without having cart along other bulky stuff.
  • Babies can develop a sense of comfort and familiarity with their sleeping bags and it can be a useful part of a bedtime routine that gives baby the signal that it is time for some shut eye.
  • If the baby has to take a trip, their sleeping bag, which they would be familiar with, can help them settle down even in a new place.

Things that parents should keep in mind about sleeping bags for babies-

  • They may not be suitable for very young babies, and it is best to wait until baby is a few weeks old before starting to use them.
  • Keep in mind that the sleeping bag you get should keep in mind the temperature of the room and the season (check the tog ratings to determine how warm the sleeping bag will be and use .5 to 1 for summer; about 2.5 tog in winter).
  • Make sure that the bag you use is made from natural breathable materials.
  • Use blankets on top of the sleeping bag only if it is very cold, else baby may get too hot inside the sleeping bag.
  • As a baby grows older, they may find the sleeping bag a little cramped and restricting, so these may not be suitable for babies over the age of 2 years. They can be quite inconvenient at a time when parents are trying to toilet train their baby for nighttime dryness and need to have baby clothing that can be put on and taken off easily.
  • It is recommended that the sleeping bags for babies should not have any hoods, and that it is the right size for the baby, particularly around the neck so that the baby will not slip inside and into the bag.


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