Organic Sleep Inducer For Baby

While any parent of a newborn would likely recoil at the thought of using a sleep inducer for their baby, they may want to consider lavender to help their baby sleep off. And possibly many sleep deprived parents would be willing to clutch at any straw to get a restful night’s sleep so that they may want to consider this:

baby sleepLavender is one of the important herbs in aroma therapies and is known to have a soothing or calming effect on people and help them relax and sleep better.

Pregnant women, who often undergo spells of sleeplessness or fitful sleep, are also often advised to take a lukewarm bath with some essential oil of lavender.

And apparently babies may well obtain the same benefit from this.

Peppermint is another option for organic baby aromatherapy to help baby sleep better.

So if you have a baby who finds it hard to fall asleep, you may want to put a few drops of the aroma oil on baby’s pillow to see if it won’t help them sleep better. Even using baby products with lavender oil could be seen to help so there may be no harm in trying them to coax your baby to sleep better or more easily.


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